France delays fuel tax hikes that prompted protests to 2020

France delays fuel tax hikes that prompted protests to 2020

The French government's decision to suspend fuel tax and utility price hikes has done to appease protesters, who called the move a "first step" and vowed to fight on after large-scale rioting in Paris last weekend.

Macron has been a supporter of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

Trump's tweet relates the French conflict to worldwide disparity between nations in the Paris agreement, and the move to raise taxes was in fact part of Macron's commitment to that agreement, but neither the conflict nor the temporary truce were based on a disparity between nations, but rather on the domestic policy issue of raising taxes and the disparate impact the particular tax would have on the working class. But the protests have become more about a wide-ranging feeling of dissatisfaction with the French government in general and President Emmanuel Macron in particular.

The "yellow vest" protests began over a plan to raise fuel taxes, but by the time Prime Minister Edouard Philippe bowed to three weeks of violence and suspended the plan Tuesday, the protesters were demanding much more.

Negotiating with the protesters, named for wearing high-visibility yellow vests "gilets jaunes" has been hard for the government as the leaderless activists are spread throughout rural and urban France and include people with grievances beyond objections to the fuel duty. They put up a sign by the side of the road reading "Macron dictator".

French police have cleared most of the fuel depots that protesters had blocked, but fuel shortages continued to hit several parts of France on Wednesday, with hundreds of gas stations affected.

Chalencon, a 52-year-old blacksmith, said the public needed Macron to "admit he made a mistake, with simple words. that touch the guts and heart of the French".

Students lit fires outside high schools to protest against a new university application system.

Numerous demonstrations were over a new university application system.

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The "yellow vests", meanwhile, have called for new protests this Saturday. Shops were looted and cars torched in plush neighbourhoods around the famed Champs-Elysees Avenue.

"This violence must end", Philippe said.

She said each of the disparate protesting groups will decide what to do next, but many will probably keep demonstrating.

It is a major climbdown by the government of President Macron, who had said the measures were necessary to combat climate change and meet budget deficit reduction targets.

"No specific day has been set, it's for the week", Christiane Lambert said of the farmer protests. "The interior minister will use all means to ensure order is respected".

His administration's shift on fuel tax came after rioters ran amok in central Paris, torching cars, looting boutiques vandalizing cafes and private residences and cafes in affluent neighborhoods.

Political opponents of the government called Philippe's announcement Tuesday too little, too late. The tax increase has been described as an effort to move France further to renewable energy sources.

Christophe Chalencon said that "if not there will be chaos", with risks of more deaths.

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen tweeted that the delay in price increases was "obviously not up to the expectations of the French people struggling with precariousness", and noted sarcastically that it is "surely a coincidence" that the rise in prices will take effect a few days after European Union elections.

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