Ruckus at Houston-area ATM after it spits out $100 bills

Ruckus at Houston-area ATM after it spits out $100 bills

Fights reportedly broke out near a Bank of America ATM in Texas after the machine kept spitting out $100 bills. Authorities said when a customer attempted to withdraw $20 on Sunday at around 11 p.m., the machine spit out a $100 bill, Houston's KPRC-TV reported.

They attributed the error to the happy accident of a vendor incorrectly loading $100 bills instead of $10 bills into the machine.

Witnesses told KTRK that the Bank of America ATM was giving out $100 bills instead of other bills.

The ecstatic man posted the incident on social media, the report stated.

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The ATM was temporarily shut down after officials arrived at the scene. We have resolved the matter.

Bank of America said yesterday, November 26 that they were aware of the cash machine error in Houston, as reported by KPRC-TV on the same day.

However, perhaps themselves possessed by the spirit of the imminent holiday season, the bank declared all customers would be allowed to keep the extra money.

Those who managed to exploit the glitch won't go home empty handed either after a Bank of America spokesperson confirmed that customers will be allowed to keep the additional dispensed money.

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