Brexit: Who gets what in divorce deal

Brexit: Who gets what in divorce deal

The European Commission chief warned the United Kingdom parliament it should not count on any renegotiation ahead of Britain's departure in March, as European Union leaders on Sunday approved a landmark agreement on Britain's exit.

May has warned lawmakers that if they reject it, Britain could face leaving the European Union without a deal - something businesses say would hurt the world's fifth largest economy. "It would be a very big negative for the deal". I don't think they meant that'. Her limits as vote-wrangler will be tested in her own Parliament, where pro-Brexit lawmakers have hammered the plan as failing to break decisively enough from Brussels and pro-E.U. forces have condemned it as a self-inflicted wound that hurts British voters.

Speaking in the Commons in what was her third statement on the negotiations in less than a fortnight, May tried to win over MPs who are unhappy with the backstop plan which, if triggered, would see the United Kingdom remain in the EU customs union until a trade deal is implemented.

Trump's intervention caught Downing Street off-guard and is likely to weaken May's hand at a time when she is seeking to get the deal approved by parliament, where she faces determined resistance from 89 Tory backbenchers who argue the deal does not secure sufficient freedom of action for the UK.

"In Parliament and beyond it, I will make the case for this deal with all my heart and I look forward to that campaign".

"There is, between us - something - which are the remainings of love", he said. The vote will mark the moment when British politicians decide whether to accept the contentious divorce terms May has struck with the European Union - or put the country on course to crash out of the bloc with no agreement in place.

In a letter to the British public on Saturday evening before the vote, May wrote "it is a deal for a brighter future".

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If it concludes Britain can unilaterally reverse Brexit, it could give British lawmakers (MPs) a third viable option as an alternative to May's deal or what ministers describe as a chaotic no deal scenario - staying in the bloc after another referendum.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May arrives at a news conference after an extraordinary European Union leaders summit to finalise and formalise the Brexit agreement in Brussels, Belgium November 25, 2018.

Meanwhile opponents of the deal on the Government benches continued to make clear they were ready to defy the Prime Minister and vote against it when it comes to the "meaningful vote". "I think it has ceded too much control".

Mrs May's spokesman declined to confirm or deny reports that Number 10 is considering a possible TV debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

"The British people want us to get on with a deal that honours the referendum and allows us to come together again as a country, whichever way we voted", May said. So far at least, the government's proposed Brexit deal has not gained widespread political support and it is not clear that it will be implemented.

FILE - Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland and the leader of the Scottish National Party talks to the media as she meets new SNP Members of Parliament in Parliament Square, Westminster, London, June 12, 2017.

He reiterated his comments from the weekend, saying: "And this is the only deal possible, so if the House (of Commons) says no, we would have no deal".

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