Will Democrats impeach Trump now that they control the House?

Will Democrats impeach Trump now that they control the House?

"Mia Love gave me no love and she lost", Trump said. In 2007, Trump praised her as "the best", when she was first sworn in as speaker. But not all the Democrats urging new leadership won election to the House.

The Democratic victory in the U.S. House of Representatives could echo from Moscow to Beijing to Riyadh, with empowered Democrats now able to launch new investigations into President Donald Trump's worldwide business empire and his political dealings with the rest of the world.

Instead, healthcare, not immigration or the economy, emerged as the key issue for voters, which looks like a strength for the Democrats.

After Trump won several Midwest states that had always been in the Democratic column, the party had hoped to rebuild its Midwest "blue wall".

If the attempt happened, "It would have to be bipartisan and the evidence would have to be so conclusive", she said in the interview.

In victory speeches across the country, women acknowledged the groundbreaking year.

"We will have a responsibility to find our common ground where we can, stand our ground where we can't", said Pelosi, who has been one of the most frequent targets for Trump's scathing attacks on his critics and political opponents.

The president took a tougher tone toward Democrats in general Wednesday morning, threatening to fight back against new investigations. No viable challenger has emerged.

"This is the year of the woman, and the fact that women were willing to put themselves on the line is important, whether they've been Republicans or Democrats", said Shalala, a first-time candidate for elected office.

The Democrats, in stark contrast had to defend 26 Senate seats this fall, more than half their total.

Two years ago, in the internal party race for minority leader, 63 Democrats voted for Representative Tim Ryan of OH, but Pelosi received 134 votes. She also declined to back any specific other candidate.

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Many on the left felt that Trump's election was all some sort of giant misunderstanding.

Trump allegedly called Pelosi "to extend his congratulations on winning a Democratic House Majority", her deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill tweeted.

There is simply no "Plan B", according to Connolly and others. "This is gonna be the most diverse freshmen class of women that we've ever brought in by far". Outside groups, including billionaire Tom Steyer's Need to Impeach movement, argue that the president has already committed offenses that meet the constitutional threshold for impeachment.

And after Trump's concentrated focus on rallying in the final weeks of the campaign, Senate Democrats in several red states suffered projected losses. Trump won Texas with more than 52% of the vote in 2016.

"For those who want impeachment, that's not what our caucus is about", Pelosi told PBS' NewsHour this week.

Trump, an expert in politically-manipulative communication, is nearly guaranteed to bash the Democratic-controlled House for every problem he faces - and with two years until the next election, this is a message that many of his supporters will be receptive to. However, in a "blue wave" that was more of a "ripple", Republicans have tightened their grip on the Senate.

"Democrats to be a check on the president - they also want Democrats to take action on things that will help them", said U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer, a Gig Harbor Democrat whose bipartisanship helped him get re-elected Tuesday in a district with a substantial number of Trump supporters.

The German bank lent Trump more than $400 million during a decade-long real estate buying spree that began in 2005, largely through its private wealth management office, not the commercial banking division that typically handles real estate. He contended that Republicans "defied history" by picking up several Senate seats in ousting incumbent Democratic lawmakers during the first national congressional elections after his 2016 presidential election.

Pelosi, meanwhile, is likely to face a challenge for the speakership from newer or younger members later this month. Marco Rubio when he's sworn in as Florida's junior senator on January 3, 2019, in what is likely to remain a GOP majority in the upper chamber. Formerly viewed as the leading candidate to succeed Ryan as speaker, now he must build support to become minority leader.

The Kremlin said on Wednesday it saw no prospects for an improvement in relations following the elections.

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