Netanyahu calls Paris conversation with Putin ‘very important’

Netanyahu calls Paris conversation with Putin ‘very important’

In an interview recorded on Saturday with CNN after talks with Trump, Macron said the two leaders had spoken about what his office has portrayed as a misunderstanding.

Ben Rhodes, who served as deputy national security adviser in the Obama administration, said the White House should have had a fallback plan for the president.

It also underlined growing concerns over the reliability of U.S. security guarantees under Mr Trump, and his wider commitment to a postwar worldwide order the USA was largely responsible for building and has benefited from, including economically.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he didn't have a separate meeting with President Donald Trump at events in Paris marking the end of World War I, but says they will meet on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit in Argentina later this month. Putin also flashed Trump a thumbs-up sign and patted Trump's arm.

"Attacks on the media are not just about getting your preferred political candidate elected, for example, they are about increasing the level of cynicism that citizens have towards all authorities, towards all of the institutions that are there to protect us as citizens", Trudeau said to a crowd of about 150 people.

Over 60 heads of state and government gathered - silent, sombre and reflective - for a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the mute and powerful symbol of sacrifice to the millions who died from 1914-18. Trump declared himself a nationalist near the end of November.

He called nationalism a "betrayal of patriotism".

"By saying, 'Our interests first, ' we erase what a nation holds dearest ... its moral values".

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"I know there are old demons which are coming back to the surface".

He visited an American cemetery outside Paris at precisely the moment that Macron, Merkel and other dignitaries were opening a peace forum where the French leader again sounded the alarm about crumbling worldwide harmony as he ruminated about the legacy of the morning's commemorations. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cited security protocols for the presidential motorcade's solo trip down the grand flag-lined avenue, which was closed to traffic.

The ceremony included a speech by French President Emmanuel Macron aimed directly at the rising tide of populism in the United States and Europe. Trump is scheduled to visit another military cemetery before departing Sunday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the Paris Peace Forum, which followed a ceremony in the French capital to mark the centenary of the end of World War One, with a warning that "blinkered" nationalism was gaining ground in Europe and beyond.

As the other leaders gathered in the morning, Trump tweeted about the devastating wildfires in California, criticizing local officials for poor forest management.

The Kremlin said earlier that the prospect of a full meeting between the U.S. and Russian presidents had prompted huge global media interest, leading to concern from the French organisers this could overshadow the commemorations.

He and first lady Melania Trump had planned to visit the memorial for American marines near the Belleau Wood battlefield on Saturday afternoon, however their program was nixed at the last minute due to a storm that would have prevented them from helicoptering to the site that's more than an hour's drive from Paris.

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