Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition Earbuds Ditch The Wires Priced At $30

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition Earbuds Ditch The Wires Priced At $30

Interestingly, Xiaomi's all-new Mi AirDots comes with one similar technology which is also found inside the Apple AirPods - the true wireless stereo (TWS) technology.

But what distinguishes headphones from Xiaomi AirPods is the price.

The AirDots do not feature a long stem, such as that found on Apple's AirPods. These also include tappable controls, and a compact charging case as well. The company just scheduled a NY event yesterday, with "notable celebrities" and promises to showcase its latest and greatest products.

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Like with most other Xiaomi products, the AirDots are unlikely to be available outside of China.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots Youth Edition look different from the AipPods; they support Bluetooth 5.0 and weigh 4.2 g each. Not all smartphones have the tap-to-wake feature, so this feature in the AirDots Youth Edition might come in handy. The Mi AirDots Youth Edition ships with 7.2 mm audio drivers, which is capable of producing not only deep bass but also premium stereo audio. The sale of the earphones will begin on November 11 through Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, Tmall, Jingdong, and Suning. The earphones don't come with a physical button to control the playback as the touch zone offers this facility and much more. Battery life is noted to just be 4 hours of continuous use thought the charging case can push that up to 12 hours in total. They connect to devices via Bluetooth 5.0 and support user interaction, allowing you to tap on the shell to trigger specific commands. The earpieces need to be placed back in their box for charging, and when that is done, they automatically disconnect, shut down and start charging. The surface of both earbuds is touch-sensitive and can be used to execute actions like play/pause music, handle calls, and more.

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