Dutch Pensioner Identifies Himself as 20 Years Younger, Demands Legal Age Change

Dutch Pensioner Identifies Himself as 20 Years Younger, Demands Legal Age Change

A 69-year-old Dutch man is fighting to have his birth certificate legally changed to state that he is twenty years younger on account of him feeling like he is really 49.

People lie about their age all the time, but Dutch pensioner Emile Ratelband (above and below), 69, wants to take it one step further.

The entrepreneur and self-help guru is suing his local authority after they refused to amend his age on official documents.

The judge in a court in Arnhem is expected to give a ruling within four weeks, Sky News reported.

Mr Ratelband, who was born on March 11, 1949, says he feels at least 20 years younger and is pushing for his birth date to be altered to March 11, 1969 or later.

Ratelband says his legal appeal is consistent with other forms of personal transformation that are gaining acceptance and government recognition in the Netherlands and around the world.

According to his doctor, his biological age is between 40 and 45, he said. "I want to control myself", he said. The man also said he could have a new shot at life, that would allow him to buy a new house or get a new job. He also said his actual age has been a sticking point for potential clients concerned he can't "speak the language of young people" despite being more knowledgeable and experienced than younger competitors.

69-year-old Emile Ratelband, can't get any action despite being the age of the sex number. "When I'm 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position", he said.

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Mr Ratelband told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, "You can change your name".

Ratelband cites several reasons as to why he wants to lower his age from 69 years to 49 years.

Ratelband said that he "suffers" because of his age, especially in terms of work prospects and on Tinder.

"Whereas gender is something that follows you from birth to grave, and it determines almost everything - and not just in the labor market but everywhere", she said.

The media personality argues he is being discriminated against because of his age, with companies being reluctant to hire him as a consultant because he has the age of a pensioner.

Ratelband said that in exchange for being legally younger, he would agree to renounce his pension.

Naturally, the court is sceptical of the matter because no legal mechanism now exists allowing a person to change their birthdate. "Who was that little boy?" he was quoted as saying.

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