Assassin's Creed Odyssey is increasing its level cap

Assassin's Creed Odyssey is increasing its level cap

Even so, the developers have made clear their plans to release consistent content updates going forward. Well, the November monthly update for the game has addressed these questions, and there's a whole load of content about to come your way.

Another update coming this month is visual customisation, which allows players to customise the look of each armor component.

The second episode, titled "Divine Intervention", requires you to meet a mysterious woman who tests your strength through various impossible trials. According to the team, the November update will raise the game's cap level from 50 to 70; a tweak that will definitely please a lot of players as they could easily hit the maximum cap level when doing lots of side missions.

With the next update to the game, Ubisoft is adding customizable controls for gamepad on all platforms.

More Epic Events are in the works as well featuring Epic Mercenaries and Epic Ships, for those over level 30.

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Steropes the Cyclops, which arrives later this month, will become the latest member of the roster of creatures within the game, and will allow players to challenge him on November 13th via the new Lightning Bringer quest, and by beating him players can land a new legendary bow.

Sargon will also be updating his stock with two new, exclusive item packs in November: the Odysseus Pack, and the Odysseus Naval Pack.

What has started with Origins, is now fully realized with Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Which additions are you most interested in?

Handily, if you're already at level 50, any existing XP you've earned will be automatically converted into ability points when the new levels are unlocked.

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