A Car Is Burning in Bourke Street Mall

A Car Is Burning in Bourke Street Mall

A man was shot by police after setting his auto on fire and stabbing three people and killing one in the city's central business district.

Melbourne was also the scene of two fatal car-ramming incidents a year ago, but neither was linked by police to terrorism.

The suspect is then shot by police and falls to the ground.

Members of the public who witnessed the event and wish to make a statement are asked to attend Melbourne West Police Station at 313 Spencer Street, Melbourne.

Two officers got out of the vehicle and attempted to engage him.

Two victims are in hospital, including one in a critical condition with a neck injury and another with a head injury.

A man has been arrested after a deadly stabbing spree during rush hour in Melbourne's busy central business district on Friday.

The bystander said that other people had run and hid.

Police are telling all members of the public to avoid the CBD, although dozens of witnesses are being interviewed by officers at the scene.

Police are treating it as a terrorist incident. Photo from the scene showed crowds of people behind police barriers.

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"Respects to Trolley Man and also to those very calm cops who remained very professional and surely prevented more people from being injured", one person wrote online.

Another civilian in a blue shirt tries to help police by grabbing a wooden outdoor chair.

Victoria police declined to comment when contacted about Islamic State's claim. The man, who was shot in the chest by police, was in critical condition.

Police said there was no terrorism link at this stage but they are "keeping an open mind".

Vision from the scene shows a man lunging at police officers with a knife.

"For operational matters we now have the counter-terrorism command and the homicide squad dealing with this matter, and there are ongoing investigations being conducted by the counter-terrorism command", he continued.

State police Superintendent David Clayton said police responded to reports of a burning vehicle.

The police cordoned off the area and warned people from coming near the area.

Twitter user Meegan May wrote: "Guy seems to have set his auto on fire, then attacked police with a knife".

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