Russian fighter jet flies 'dangerously close' to USA military plane

Russian fighter jet flies 'dangerously close' to USA military plane

November 5 in worldwide airspace over the Black sea a Russian fighter jet su-27 was risky maneuvering near the us spy plane EP-3 Aries.

This interaction was risky because the Su-27 performed a high-speed flight right in front of the plane, putting the pilots and the crew in jeopardy, "the message said".

A Russian Su-27 fighter jet intercepted a U.S.

Russian aircraft have repeatedly challenged US planes during the past year with maneuvers deemed unsafe, despite a 1972 agreement that Russia assumed from the Soviet Union created to prevent miscalculations in the skies and seas. He added that there was no communication between the two aircraft during the 25-minute ordeal.

A US Navy spokesman said: "The Russian Su-27 executed a hard right-to-left turn from the U.S. EP-3's right side with an excessive closure rate and came within five feet of the EP-3's right wingtip". Russian officials at the time said it was a legal maneuver to escort the Navy plane. The US crew reported turbulence following that initial interaction in which the direct pass occurred. - We hope that [henceforth] they will behave in accordance with global standards to ensure safety and prevent incidents, including the 1972 Agreement on the prevention of incidents at sea and airspace above it (INCSEA).

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Russia's embassy in the U.S. issued a statement insisting its fighter had "followed all necessary safety procedures".

At least six US Air Force spy planes conducted a number of flights along Russia's borders on November 5. It posted video, on Twitter, showing an armed Russian fighter jet flying within meters of the spy plane.

"Although the Russian military have the right to fly in worldwide airspace, this interaction was irresponsible".

USA airplane EP-3E Aries, which was flying in the worldwide airspace over the Black Sea, was intercepted by the Russian Su-27.

Russian and US aggression against each other in the multiple theatres that they are facing off in resulted in a close call over the Black Sea.

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