Blizzard Disputes Claim that Diablo 4 BlizzCon 2018 Announcement Was Planned

Blizzard Disputes Claim that Diablo 4 BlizzCon 2018 Announcement Was Planned

Diablo Immortal is set to be released for mobile devices, though there's no release date for the game just yet. While the likes remain consistent, comments and dislikes appear to fluctuate. At the time, fans of Diablo have been left scratching their heads wondering why they didn't at least acknowledge Diablo 4.

Diablo Immortal is releasing in 2019 and there's no plan to bring it on PC as we eagerly wait for more news about Diablo 4 to drop at some point next year.

These attempts to achieve better optics did not go unnoticed, as some fans began to spam the trailer with variants of a singular comment, "Hey, Blizzard". It is Blizzard's plan to weave the mobile gaming into their audience, that now is mostly centered around PCs and consoles. "We tried to get ahead of that a little bit with the blog post to let that group know that we are working on multiple things and continue to work on multiple things".

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Diablo Immortal is already preparing its launch on Android smartphones, and it does so following a marketing strategy to boost the expectation - opening the pre-registration program on Google Play for everyone interested in downloading this game when it comes out. The note read, "Blizzard severely miscalculated how their fans would respond, which suggests they aren't in touch with their players as maybe they should be". And there will be more steps into mobile. After all, Hearthstone has become one of the studio's most popular and competitive titles regardless of it being a mobile game. Diablo is a well-loved hack and slash game series in which players fight through demons to defeat Diablo, the Lord of Terror.

"We expect Activision Blizzard to outpace its peers with its in-game monetization, and expect dramatic growth in its mobile business as it launches new titles based upon its successful PC and console games", Wedbush wrote. We've heard from the hardcore Diablo fans that feel spurned, the ex-Blizzard producer that thinks Blizzard dug its own grave, and the developers themselves that have continually stressed that multiple Diablo projects are in the works.

What all of this means is that, considering Kotaku's report, a video was created to announce another Diablo project but it is unknown when that announcement will take place.

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