Bayern Munich consider legal action over European Super League claims

Bayern Munich consider legal action over European Super League claims

11 top European football clubs secretly discussed secede from UEFA and create a super League.

Der Spiegel reported that Bayern and Rummenigge, former head of the European Clubs Association, were major players in attempting to formulate the new competition.

The Spiegel report said that on October 22, Madrid-based Key Capital Partners sent an email to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez including a document entitled "Draft of an Agreement of the Sixteen" which included a 13-page "binding term sheet" for the 11 clubs listed as "founders".

The Bundesliga clubs participating in the league would include Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04.

The latest proposal comes before next year's talks over Champions League rights and the distribution of prize money in the new cycle from 2021.

Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Atletico, as well as Real Madrid, declined to comment when contacted by Reuters.

They will be permanent members of the newly formed super League for 20 years, risking to be excluded.

The terms are not yet set but clubs have a specific date in November 2018 to sign a binding agreement that would allow the league to form.

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" 'I absolutely and clearly reject this, ' Rummenigge declared".

"We stand by our membership in the Bundesliga, and by UEFA which organizes the European competitions".

It also mentions a second league of teams that could face those initial guests for a chance of promotion to the Super League.

Most of the top clubs have been looking to form the Super League in an attempt to earn more revenue compared to what they now earn in the Champions League's revenue sharing model.

Before the Premier League was formed to try and ensure certain clubs got a lot more money than the rest, the idea of a European Superleague was regularly voiced.

The documents obtained by Der Spiegel allege that this would allow the new league to avoid running afoul of European law by not closing off the competition entirely.

Watzke also said Dortmund under no circumstances would leave the German Bundesliga, but beyond that, the club would "keep all its options open".

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