Midterm elections results: DeSantis DFEATS Gillum in MAJOR red victory in Florida

Midterm elections results: DeSantis DFEATS Gillum in MAJOR red victory in Florida

DeSantis was elected governor on Tuesday, defeating Tallahasee Mayor Andrew Gillum in a close race.

Gillum's past actions were scrutinized by the Florida Commission on Ethics.

Tonight's festivities are set to go down tonight at Tallahassee's Al Lawson Center.

After casting his ballot on a drizzly morning in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, Gillum said his election would send a message to Trump "that the politics of hatred and of division, of separation, that they've come to an end".

Both DeSantis and Kemp had strong support from Trump, who traveled to their states in the closing days of the campaigns to energize Republicans at "Make America Great Again" rallies.

Various musicians like rap star and Florida native Rick Ross have rallied behind Gillum. In the months leading up to the election, Gillum was projected to win the gubernatorial bid.

The hotly contested race in Georgia, where Democrat Stacey Abrams was seeking to become the first black woman to be elected governor of a US state, remained too close to call early on Wednesday.

Gillum doled out less than $7 million ahead of the August 28 primary and won against the other four Democratic hopefuls - all of which had outspent him.

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He enjoyed support from President Trump throughout his campaign.

Gillum trailed by about 1 percentage point and fewer than 80,000 votes when he conceded. Despite implications that DeSantis was racially insensitive - an idea he angrily disputed during a debate - he was able to win the state that Trump carried in 2016.

"We could not be prouder of the way that we ran this race". DeSantis loudly objected to suggestions he was in cahoots with far-right figures or that his ties, unwitting he said, to white supremacists should be held against him. We could not be more thankful for the support that was shown by each and every one of you. "I think that the national, and certainly the local narrative, was that we were going to have a banner year for the Democrats, but apparently the results may be bearing out that that may not necessarily be the case". "Will you join us?", DeSantis wrote on Twitter.

But eleventh-hour developments in a state ethics investigation separate from the FBI's suggested Gillum is more implicated than previously thought.

The trips and the ticket are part of an ethics investigation into Gillum, and Corey is at the heart of a federal probe into Tallahassee city government.

Meanwhile, DeSantis, who resigned from his congressional seat after winning the Republican primary, presented himself as an extension of Trump's conservatism.

DeSantis, after voting in Ponte Vedra Beach, told reporters: "We did as much as can be done and I'm happy".

Accusations of race-baiting dogged Kemp, 55, and DeSantis, 40, who denied the allegations. I believe the Dems could have won this race with a better candidate than Andrew Gillum.

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