Epic Games Will Retain The Fortnite Glider Re-Deploy Feature

Epic Games Will Retain The Fortnite Glider Re-Deploy Feature

In other news, guided missiles, the semi-auto sniper, and the dual pistols have been withdrawn. For more on Dim Mak Igor, the Dark Engine Glider and Battle Royale's colourful balloons, hit up the full patch notes here. The re-deploy feature was originally introduced in Soaring 50's, since then, it has been available in every Fortnite game mode during a week-long testing period. And the new update also brings support for PS4 and Xbox One controllers on Mac systems. Unsurprisingly, players can use these items to float above the competition - but they only last for a limited time at max build height.

Players can deploy more balloons or release them mid-flight to modulate height. The update also adds poppable items that can be found on floors, chests, supply drops and vending machines.

- When grappling as a vehicle passenger, the velocity of your vehicle is factored into the grapple force.

Fortnitemares in Battle Royale ends on Sunday, November 4 at 1 PM Eastern Time. The Grappler's velocity has also been tweaked.

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- Grappling as a vehicle passenger will now cause the vehicle to travel in a straight line to its destination rather than traveling in an arc.

All you have to do to witness the event is be in a match at 1pm on November 4.

Meanwhile, explosives seem to be getting a buff, as 25 per cent of explosive damage will "now penetrate through structures and environment". First of which will be prioritizing Glider audio over weapon audio within certain ranges, this will begin in v6.21.

One big change in the game is the "glider re-deploy" feature that has been in use for about a week now, with Epic gathering data and making adjustments. There are plans to unveil the additional changes from the v6.21 update planned for releases. As we already know, the monsters are zombie-like creatures that attacked players and added a PvE element to the battle royale mode.

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