Pokemon Go rewarded for distance walked

Pokemon Go rewarded for distance walked

Niantic has also revealed that Pokemon Go Adventure Sync will work with various smartwatches. However, Niantic has done a decent job of keeping the game alive through regular updates and new features.

Niantic has announced Adventure Sync, a new "Pokémon Go" gameplay system that allows players to track their steps while their phones are in their pockets. And just in time, too, because you'll be able to trade in all that Halloween candy calories for in-game sweets. Rather than needing to open the app to record your walking distance, Adventure Sync will record your steps even when GO isn't open and then apply it when you're back in game. Luckily, a new feature will be introduced into the game soon that will make these endeavors a little bit easier. Check in via your Trainer Profile to see the number of kilometers recorded for the week.

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Previously only a Pokemon Go Plus would allow you to run the game in the background. This feature is opt-in, and it will connect to Apple Health and Google Fit on Apple and Android devices respectively. And don't worry about keeping up to date - push notifications with let you know when your buddy received a candy or an egg hatched. But players who boost the amount of walking they do to get in-game Candy should see benefits.

Moreover, Adventure Sync will include milestone tasks for players to achieve and they will earn rewards "each week" for completing these. Several weeks ago, the Pokemon GO community datamined an update and found evidence of some sort of fitness-focused update that included milestones for walking certain distances.

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