Connecticut has had its first flu death of the season

Connecticut has had its first flu death of the season

Last year, 154 in CT and more than 80,000 nationwide died from the flu.

Health officials in CT have confirmed the first flu death of the season, adding that the virus has sent another 22 patients to the hospital.

Flu vaccines need to be administered every year because the vaccine declines in the body's immune system over time and because the flu virus changes each year. Flu seasons can be unpredictable, but peak flu activity is usually between late December and March each year.

Diaz said the best way to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated which can also save lives. So far this flu season, 22 people in CT have been hospitalized with the flu.

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Pregnant mothers, children over six months old, the elderly, and patients with diabetes or chronic illnesses are highly encouraged to get the vaccine. It takes about two weeks for the body to develop an immunity."This is definitely the time to get it", Moraleda agreed.Flu season officially starts October 1 but Jahre said it usually peaks between December and February.

Lakes Urgent has the more effective quadrivalent (four component) flu vaccine which offers greater protection. "Why did someone not slap me over the head and say, 'Hey look, do you know that your children could die from the flu?' I didn't know that."Last year's flu season saw record hospitalization rates and deaths reaching epidemic proportions, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention".

If you get the flu after having the vaccine, doctors say your symptoms are typically less severe. If you do become ill, stay home to prevent further spread and contamination.

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