Meteor shower over Norfolk october 2018

Meteor shower over Norfolk october 2018

This year's shower will peak during the evening of October 21.

This is an annual meteor shower which peaks Saturday night and Sunday night.

"Activity is expected to be a little higher this year than in years past with 20 to 25 meteors per hour, but bright moonlight will be an issue", AccuWeather astronomy blogger Dave Samuhel said.

After October 21, you still might see meteors until November 7.

While mostly clear and dry conditions are expected in the Delaware Valley Sunday night and Monday, viewing unfortunately for eager stargazers won't be ideal due to the brightness of the almost full moon.

"The Orionid meteors are debris left behind by Comet Halley, arguably the most famous of all comets".

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Binoculars and telescopes won't improve the view, because they are created to see more stationary objects in the sky.

The last time stargazers were able to see the actual comet itself, was in 1986 and the next time it will appear close to earth is in 2061.

The meteors are bits of space rock that have entered the earth's atmosphere.

View from an area with low light pollution.

This year, the best time to view the Orionids will be a brief window after the moon sets and before morning twilight begins.

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