US Midterms 2018 - Donald Trump | A Divided America

US Midterms 2018 - Donald Trump | A Divided America

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) got Democrats to agree to unanimously confirm 15 judicial nominees in order that the politicians could return to their home districts to campaign for the midterm elections.

Roberts explained in the letter, addressed to Timothy Tymkovich, the Chief Judge for the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, that the complaints had originally been sent to the D.C. Circuit Court, where Kavanaugh previously sat, but that he had received requests from a judge on that court to transfer it to another circuit.

One Republican observer said he thought as many as 20 or 21 of the 25 Republican districts that went for Hillary Clinton a year ago could well flip to the Democrats, producing a large Democratic House wave.

North Dakota Republican Kevin Cramer now leads Democrat Heidi Heitkamp (who recently said she made a decision to vote against Kavanaugh after watching his testimony with the sound off) by 12 points, according to a recent Fox News poll. She voted Wednesday on a health care bill that was a top priority for Democrats but wasn't around for votes later Wednesday or Thursday on Trump nominees.

The survey produced nearly no good news for Democrats, who earlier this year expected to benefit from historical trends that show the party of first-term presidents nearly always lose congressional seats in the first midterm election after their inauguration.

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It's possible that events over the next few weeks will change that arithmetic, but for now, Republican net Senate gains seem more likely than Democratic gains. But Senate leader Mitch McConnell says that plan would backfire.

"Senator Heitkamp is back in North Dakota meeting with workers and families across her state", McDonough said.

"I really think they have it naturally", said Trump. That remains the likely outcomes because there are essentially two different elections going on - one, in the Senate, in mostly pro-Trump, conservative, rural states and one, in the House, in upscale, diverse, suburban congressional districts.

"He looks at the numbers and sees that he is doing poorly everywhere but his base, so he decides for his own personal sanity and his own personal kind of ego sense that he says, 'All right, I'll just look at how well I am doing among my base and just talk to my base.' So that is part of the reason he is doing it".

Republican Sen. John Kennedy agreed that McConnell was dead set on getting a good deal for Republicans.

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