Wednesday is World Mental Health Day

Wednesday is World Mental Health Day

The redeveloped site was launched to coincide with World Mental Health Day (October 10).

There are degrees to the magnitude and type of mental illnesses. We need to develop within society a better understanding of the issues that impact the lives of young people in this age of globalisation, and create awareness about the risks of depression, self-harm and suicide.

Also, the tertiary facility said there were increasing number of youths that needed admission for substance abuse at the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Centre in Oshodi, Lagos, an extension of the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister said that the mental health problem was not only a serious problem of the least developed and the developing countries but also of the whole of mankind, globally. But on Tuesday, Gaga took her advocacy work to another level when she wrote an op-ed for The Guardian to bring attention and awareness to the global mental health crisis. "We have in Kamloops coordinated community mental health services through IHA that people can turn to as well".

President Ram Nath Kovind has warned of a mental health epidemic in India but despite this grim reality a mere ten percent of those who require mental healthcare can avail it. Compounding the crisis is the stigma those with mental health conditions suffer from their fellow citizens.

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For instance, by 2100, the global sea level rise would be 10cm lower with global warming of 1.5ºC compared with 2ºC. It warns that the world is rapidly running out of time before catastrophic effects on the planet take place.

Among the Qatar Airways events and activities that have been organised for this year's programme include a photography competition, "Mental Health through my Lens", inviting Qatar Airways Group employees to submit a photo with a description of how the image connects to one of the five themes.

Dagg adds that if people ignore their mental well-being, it could have devastating impacts on their physical health.

Mental Illness affects far more people than many people realize. We need to come together.

The HSE's national director for mental health operations, Jim Ryan, encouraged anyone who is concerned about their own or someone else's mental health, to visit the website. However, the service felt many of these emergency retrievals could be avoided if more appropriate and comprehensive mental health services were available in remote and rural areas.

Dagg notes mental health issues cost the Canadian economy up to $50 billion a year. "And individuals and families affected by mental illness are still often subjected to stigma and discrimination, so they don't seek treatment". For many, these are the life altering experiences, however in some cases it's a matter of severe stress, depression or social anxiety which leads to the extreme mental illness.

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