Watch SpaceX's first West Coast ground landing at 10:21PM ET

Watch SpaceX's first West Coast ground landing at 10:21PM ET

Residents across California were dumbfounded and awe-struck Sunday night as a unusual object ignited the night sky. (SpaceX) achieved another milestone by successfully landing its first Falcon 9 rocket back at the California base after around 8 minutes of lift-off.

The Falcon 9, now on base at California's SpaceX launch pad will take off on Sunday night at 7:21 p.m. PT, with a mission to launch an Argentinean Earth-observing satellite into orbit, and then touch back down in a new landing zone located just a quarter mile away from takeoff, Wired reported.

U.S. Air Force officials warned residents of multiple counties across the Golden State earlier this week that they might hear "one or more sonic booms" during the landing attempt.

It marked the first time the company has pulled off its now-signature rocket recovery method on land on the West Coast. Most likely this is related to the SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket which launched around 7:30 p.m.

The primary goal of the SpaceX mission was to place the SAOCOM 1A satellite into orbit, but SpaceX also wanted to expand its recovery of first stages to its launch site at Vandenberg.

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By the way: SpaceX would like to land every booster on terra firma, to ease the reflight process. The Associated Press reports that it was carrying an Argentinian satellite into space. Prior landings have taken place on the East Coast.

The feat was achieved on Sunday evening as the company launched an earth-imaging commercial satellite for Argentina called SAOCOM 1A.

Saocom-1A is a 3,000-kilogram synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite for the Argentine space agency CONAE that was contracted in 2009 for a launch in 2012.

SAOCOM 1B is planned to launch next year.

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