SC Response to Florence Transitions to Flood Preparation

SC Response to Florence Transitions to Flood Preparation

Officials in North Myrtle Beach, where some flooding was occurring, did report some delays in their 911 emergency system, according to a news release, but their public safety personnel are still out in the community.

"Right now we've rescued over 400 people".

The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel was seemingly battling to stay upright as he filmed a piece in North Carolina - only for two pedestrians to calmly stroll past in the background. "Hurricane Florence is going to continue its violent grind across our state for days".

Officials in SC said Saturday that the first fatality was confirmed in that state.

On Saturday some residents tried to return to home, driving through flooded highways armed with chainsaws to clear fallen pine needle trees that covered the road.

In Wilmington, near where the eye of the storm touched down, trees and power lines were felled and many windows broken.

"The fact is this storm is deadly and we know we are days away from an ending", Gov Cooper said.

As much as 30 to 40 inches (76-102 cm) of rain could fall on coastal areas in North and SC, the National Hurricane Center said.

Florence weakened somewhat after making landfall and on Saturday was a tropical storm that had sustained winds of 50 mph as it churned about 40 miles west of Myrtle Beach, S.C., the National Hurricane Center said in an advisory at 11 a.m. Saturday.

There were 974,000 homes in the Carolinas without power on Saturday morning.

"The fact that there haven't been more deaths and damage is wonderful and a blessing", said Rebekah Roth, walking around Wilmington's Winoca Terrace neighborhood.

Once a Category-4 hurricane with winds of 225kph, the hurricane was downgraded to Category 1 on Thursday night.

Hurricane Florence made landfall at Wrightsville Beach about 7:15 a.m. Friday as a Category 1 hurricane (74-95 mph).

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Kevin Knox carries gas and a generator after being rescued from his flooded neighborhood from the effects of Florence, now a tropical storm, in New Bern, North Carolina, on September 15, 2018.

She estimated 441,000 people have already evacuated because of the storm.

At least seven people, including a mother and an infant, were killed in the storm. The child's father was transported to the hospital with injuries.

The third death happened in Hampstead, Pender County when a woman had a medical emergency and EMS crews could not get to her due to the storm, according to Tom Collins, Director of Emergency Management. Paramedics trying to reach her were blocked by debris.

Eduardo Munoz / Reuters Water from the Neuse river floods houses during the passing of Hurricane Florence in the town of New Bern, North Carolina.

The body of a 77-year-old man, also in Kinston, was found by his family at his home, and it is believed he died when he was blown down after going outside to check on his hunting dogs, Dail said.

Some local residents described a harrowing retreat as the storm hit early on Friday.

"Our hearts go out to the families of those who died in this storm", Cooper said in a statement on Friday.

Forecasters say catastrophic freshwater flooding is expected over parts of North Carolina and SC ahead.

"The cost to SC, if that happens, if the storm continues the way it is going, could be in the billions", Dahler said.

More than 22,000 people fleeing the storm have taken shelter at 157 shelters open across the state.

The White House said on Friday that President Donald Trump had spoken with state and local officials, assuring them the federal government was prepared to help.

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