The Apple Watch is inching toward becoming a medical device

The Apple Watch is inching toward becoming a medical device

While the iPhone X, XS and XS Max have pressure-sensitive 3D Touch screens that activate the flashlight or camera when you press down hard, the iPhone XR only has haptic feedback. It's also larger than a double-wide Snickers bar, a Batman toy and the heel on a pair of red 6-inch stilettos.

Both the iPhone XS and XS Max are styled similarly to the iPhone X with an edge-to-edge display and glass back. (Apple itself has been teasing that charging case on its website since last year, but hasn't said when it might launch.) The rumored AirPods refresh is not to be confused with a higher-end, water-resistant version, reportedly in the works for next year.

After months and of rumours and supposed leaks, Apple has finally revealed its latest range of devices in the form of the iPhone Xs, its larger sibling the Xs Max, iPhone 8 successor the iPhone XR, and the new Apple Watch 4.

Another new feature on the Apple Watch will detect when a user has fallen, and the device will automatically generate an alert to initiate a call to emergency services.

Apple unveiled three new iPhones on Wednesday, including its biggest and most expensive model yet, as the company seeks to widen the product's appeal amid slowing sales.

On the surface the camera specs appear the same as last year's model, but Apple reckons its new Smart HDR tech, ability to control the depth of field on portraits and faster sensors will have you shooting better photos than ever before. Apple uses the "S" suffix when it upgrades components but leaves the exterior of a phone largely the same.

If you're interested in the iPhone Xr, the new entry-level device in the X family that comes in six colors, you'll have to wait a little longer though. Out of the three phones, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max received dual-SIM support, a first for any Apple device ever.

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Some of you might rightly be wondering: What about my not-so-huge hands?

Apple's new iPhones Xs are being powered by a new generation of chips dubbed the A12 Bionic, which includes a 6-core CPU, a 4-core GPU and a dedicated neural engine. That makes the $999 XS the smallest of the new lineup, but not by much. The new largest iPhone, the iPhone Xs Max, is the new flagship iPhone.

It might be uncharitable to say it, but I'm glad that's all over.

We'll let you know how it feels when we review the phone. With curved corners, it's also slightly thinner, has more reliable reception and two times faster, thanks to a new processor.

An attendee demonstrates the iPhone XS Max smartphone during an event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, on Wednesday. The Xr will be available in Canada starting at $1,029 according to Apple.

Now onto what is sure to be seen as the budget version of the Xs series, the iPhone XR, which also features an edge-to-edge display but uses much cheaper LCD technology. There are lots of tasks you can now do best with apps. What's different is that it doesn't have Apple's top of the line OLED screen.

For one, The Verge noted, they are both available in gold, something iPhone loyalists have been waiting for.

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