Florida's Ron DeSantis Doubles Down on 'Monkey This Up' Comment

Florida's Ron DeSantis Doubles Down on 'Monkey This Up' Comment

President Donald Trump, on Twitter Wednesday, called Florida's Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum a socialist who has "allowed crime" to flourish in Tallahassee, where he is now the mayor.

"I think McSally will win".

The tweets, press releases and TV remarks were a mere prelude to the war between Gillum, an unabashed left-wing progressive who has called for Trump's impeachment, and DeSantis, who crushed one-time front-runner Adam Putnam in the GOP primary after winning Trump's endorsement.

Florida's race for Governor Rick Scott's seat has been framed as a referendum on Trumpism versus progressivism-with DeSantis representing the former, and Gillum the latter. Gillum did not directly answer that they were, but insinuated it.

Asked if he's afraid of President Donald Trump's support for DeSantis, Gillum told CNN that his race is about uniting the state. "I'm not going to go down in the gutter".

Trump quickly attacked Gillum Wednesday morning on Twitter, calling him "a failed Socialist mayor" and the "biggest dream" opponent for DeSantis.

After one commercial break, Fox News anchor Sandra Smith read a statement from DeSantis campaign spokesman Stephen Lawson saying that to characterize DeSantis' comments as racist "is absurd". The group is also looking to paint Gillum as far too liberal for most voters in the Sunshine State. "I watched those Democratic debates". Let's build off the success we've had with Gov. [Rick] Scott.

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Referring to his Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum, he told the channel: "The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases". "That's not going to work. I think I've demonstrated that I have the ability to bring the entirety of our party together and I think that's what's going to be required if a Democrat's going to win in November", Gillum said.

DeSantis made the comment at 9:36 a.m. while appearing on Fox News following his victory in the Republican primary.

The former Air Force fighter pilot will now face off against Democrat Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema in the midterms, who won her primary race in a landslide after clinching 80-percent of the vote.

Backed by progressive pacesetter Bernie Sanders and embraced by urban voters in the state's largest cities, Gillium is a fan not only of a $15 minimum wage and a Medicare for All policy but also of strengthening gun controls. He has been a strong opponent of the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election and possible collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign or Trump himself.

Like I said, Andrew Gillum is Woke Obama 2.0: The Post Wakanda edition.

"People are really sick and exhausted of this kind of race-baiting, division, derisive element to our politics", Gillum said during an interview on MSNBC. DeSantis is going to make it his business to define Mayor Gillum before he has a chance to define himself.

State Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, one of Gillum's early supporters, said he had an intangible feeling before the election that "we were going to make history".

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