Netflix begins testing previews between shows

Netflix begins testing previews between shows

A spokesperson for Netflix added the videos were not ads or commercials, but personalised recommendations for other shows and movies on the service.

Given the addictive nature of most TV shows, viewers have absolutely no time for adverts as they want to skip ahead to the next episode but Netflix have started to test promo videos that will play in between episodes of shows that a viewer is streaming. While not being direct, but it does feel like Netflix is hitting users with ads.

Another user alleged that ads for the crime documentary series I Am a Killer, a Netflix original series, were appearing during an another licensed show not available in the US service, Bob's Burgers.

Introducing ads on the platform might make subscribers reconsider paying their monthly fee. All of the preview information about the next episode you were set to see disappears, and a video ad temporarily replaces it. The promos are full-screen videos, personalized to the user, and displace the title, description and thumbnail preview for the next episode being watched.

We reached out to Netflix in an attempt to determine just how many users are affected and other details about this brazen attempt to mess with our streaming bliss, but received no response as of press time.

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Netflix has shared an official statement about the ads, saying it's doing it to better understand which shows users might like and help them more easily find new content.

News of ads between episodes broke on Reddit, when users began sharing stories of commercials for other shows playing between episodes of shows like Better Call Saul, Rick and Morty, and Bob's Burgers. The ad featured a timer on the corner, similar to YouTube ads, but users weren't given the option to skip.

We haven't personally witnessed this yet, but a reddit thread is fired up about the test - With several users voicing their anger and frustration. It is important to note that a member is able to skip a video preview at anytime if they are not interested. Netflix runs hundreds of tests every year, many of which aim to improve engagement with its original programming.

We'll let you know more as soon as we find out!

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