Resolution to remove Trump’s Walk of Fame star passed

Resolution to remove Trump’s Walk of Fame star passed

Yesterday, a group calling itself the Faction installed dozens of Trump stars around the walk of fame in support of the USA president.

Donald Trump is indeed a deeply polarising figure and it is proved again.

The artist said it was partly in response to the star being destroyed by critics of the president, and also in response to the vote by the Hollywood City Council to remove the star. They added the fake Trump stickers could last 10 years untouched.

Because the Walk of Fame, which holds 2,500 stars, is the property of the City of Los Angeles, the city has the final decision. The artist would not give his name, but he did say why he has made it his mission to make Trump's stars multiply.

However, it's destruction, by pen (not pickaxe) is actually a large moment in small government, as chamber president Leron Gubler told the Los Angeles Times they've never removed a star because it's considered part of the walk's "historic fabric".

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The Trump-supporting street artist, who said his crew is called "The Faction", said he spent $1,000 on the fake stars.

An unnamed conservative street artist took credit for the move, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and was behind adhering a number of laminated, vinyl stars to the iconic sidewalk.

The body unanimously approved a motion urging the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove the brass-rimmed star, which was installed in 2007 in recognition of Trump's performance on the reality TV show "The Apprentice".

Although the city council voted to have the star removed, it was largely a symbolic vote as they have no power to order its removal.

Police arrested a man, Austin Clay, who claimed responsibility for the vandalism that destroyed Trump's star last month.

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