Omarosa in new book: I saw Trump’s racism ‘with my own eyes’

Omarosa in new book: I saw Trump’s racism ‘with my own eyes’

Omarosa Manigault Newman writes in her incendiary new book "Unhinged" that Trump was caught on mic uttering the racial slur "multiple times" during the making of his hit show "The Apprentice" prior to his presidential run, and that there are tapes to prove it.

In preparation for her upcoming memoir, Omarosa Manigault-Newman is spilling serious tea about her former boss, Donald Trump. She says she declined the offer.

The Guardian first reported her claims.

"Everything was fine until I got in the way of what her boss wanted, which was to attack the press", Ryan writes in the book, which is out next month from Rowman & Littlefield.

Omarosa is, according to Sanders, a "disgruntled" former employee, trying to profit from her time spent with the president. Until then, the continued debate over whether or not President Trump is racist against African Americans will endure, unless of course something else is revealed before then.

Shah was responding to Manigault Newman's appearance on the CBS' reality show Celebrity Big Brother in which she harshly criticized Trump and others in the administration.

She writes of calling one of her "sources" who had a lead on the "N-word tape". According to The Guardian, Manigault-Newman confirmed the 2016 rumors alleging there are tapes of "The Apprentice" outtakes in which Trump could be heard saying "n****r". She quotes him saying, "No!"

Sanders tellingly didn't claim that Trump has never said the N-word in her press statement.

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"The allegation is not credible, and indeed is ridiculous, particularly in light of the timing of her departure from the White House-December 12, 2017", he tweeted.

Last week, The Daily Beast reported that "Omarosa secretly recorded Trump" inside The White House, and The Washington Post listened to those recordings and reported that they "match quotations recounted in the book excerpts".

Still, in the book she writes that she had revealing sources.

On Saturday, reporters asked Trump during an event at his golf club in New Jersey if he felt betrayed by Manigault Newman.

"I just saw on the news you were thinking about leaving!"

Manigault Newman, who was famously known to have tried to have her wedding photos shot at the White House and enjoyed relatively unfettered access to Trump as his high paid assistant and a liaison to the African American community, is raising eyebrows with her insider -- yet unverified - accounts of life in the Trump White House. She says when she turned down the offer, she received letters from Trump's lawyers telling her to stay quiet.

"If you come on board, we can't have you mention that stuff", she added, referring to interviews Manigault Newman gave immediately after her firing.

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