Samsung's new $1000 power-user phone reflects slowdown in hardware innovation

Samsung's new $1000 power-user phone reflects slowdown in hardware innovation

While Samsung keeps the Note 9's form and external details mostly similar to the Galaxy Note 8, it also introduces several upgrades in the form of its battery life, RAM, and S-Pen features.

As to whether Samsung now has the weapon in its locker to take down the Apple Watch remains to be seen, but from what I have seen, it genuinely looks like a contender that can help run it close and generate more interest and innovation in the smartwatch market.

'We've moved on from that, ' said Samsung's Kate Beaumont when we asked how her company's latest gadget, the Galaxy Note 9, is created to avoid a repeat of the exploding phone saga of 2016.

Samsung usually launches its premium flagships in two rounds annually - first half is S series and second half is Note series. If the pen does die, it can still be used as a regular capacity S Pen like older models.

And, in fact, while the entry-level price of the Note 9 is £30 more expensive than the £869 price of the Note 8, the base-level storage has been boosted from 64GB to 128GB. Will the Note 9 be different? If I have to walk into another room to ask Bixby the weather, it's no longer as convenient as opening an app on my phone.

As for the camera we're getting the same horizontal dual camera layout as the Note 9, albeit with a fingerprint scanner below the lenses. Samsung promises the processor is 33 per cent faster than what came before.

And the Note9 itself, it's on Samsung's official online shop and you can pre-order the from now until August 21. The device has a "water carbon cooling system", which spreads and ultimately dissipates heat from the chipset using carbon fiber to, ideally, prevent overheating.

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However, it has been reported that one of the films-Silver and Black-is no longer happening. Characters like Silk , Jackpot , and Nightwatch are also being considered for features.

Meanwhile, the Note 9 offers a slightly larger screen than that of the S9+.

This is likely to appeal to hardcore gamers and other power users if they can justify the cost.

It said the voice-controlled device would direct audio at owners via a technology it called SoundSteer, and added that the device included eight microphones to detect voices - more than Amazon's Echo, Google's Home Max or Apple's HomePod. The new smart speaker also supports Spotify music streaming service.

But Samsung's assertion that a finger is the only other option besides the Apple Pencil just isn't true.

The new Galaxy Watch ditches the previous Gear S branding. At last it matches the Huawei Mate's battery of 4,000mAh.

It also features stress-tracking software and the ability to connect to mobile networks independently. Instead Samsung shaved off the edges to make it look thinner.

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