DOOM Eternal’s brutal gameplay revealed at QuakeCon 2018

DOOM Eternal’s brutal gameplay revealed at QuakeCon 2018

Doom tethered the demonic alien hordes to the Martian hellscape and kept them well away from our home planet, but that all changes with Doom Eternal.

In their introduction to the 10-minute-plus demo, id Software creative director Hugo Martin and game director Marty Stratton described the game as "pure, unfiltered action FPS experience" about "killing badass demons with big guns in unbelievable places".

Doom Eternal was shown off at QuakeCon, and the game has been confirmed to be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

At least you don't have to worry about the shadowy form of another Doom Slayer showing up to Glory Kill you; in this case, the invading players will possess a demon and try to use its abilities to ruin your day.

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DOOM Eternal was originally announced during E3 2018 and will serve as a sequel to DOOM, which released in 2016. Some are new, others are old - and thanks to the new "destructible demon" feature, some can be torn into itty-bitty chunks.

Thought it was neat to see concept art and weapons from the game, it wasn't long before Bethesda jumped into gameplay.

The game looks to be even faster than its predecessor, introducing some new traversal mechanics like swinging from an exposed pipe.

It seemed very much inspired by the Dark Souls series but id clarified that it was purely optional and that more multiplayer options would be revealed in time... They quickly went ahead to inform the fans that the reveal of the game's gameplay is going to happen at this year's QuakeCon.

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