Rare "Firenado" Erupts As Firefighters Battle Factory Blaze


They started damping down the fire at about 3pm.

In the horrifying footage, the "firenado" is seen swirling as firefighters rushed to the scene.

This is the incredible moment a "firenado" shot 50ft into the sky as 50 firefighters attempted to tackle the massive blaze in South Derbyshire.

The fire caused extensive damage but nobody was injured.

The fire began just after 1.40am yesterday and took the firefighters 12 hours to get under control.

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According to UK's Evening Standard, firefighters from Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire arrived at the fire at 1.20am on Tuesday at Ravensbourn Plastics. Per the video's caption, a firenado is created as cool air and hot air meet, forming an apocalyptic whirlwind as the swirling air brings flames into the sky.

Leicestershire fire and rescue service shared the video on Facebook, saying: "While we were firefighting at Occupational Lane we witnessed a firenado or a fire whirl".

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service said the fire involved thousands of stacked plastic pallets and "spread to a small site building and a number of fork-lift trucks".

The enormous black plume was seen for as far as Nottingham, which is 40 kilometres away.

Group manager for the fire service, Steve Wells, said earlier: "We've received lots of calls this morning as people in the Swadlincote area have woken to the sight of a large black smoke plume".

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