Dota 2 Pros Play Bots, Get Wrecked

Dota 2 Pros Play Bots, Get Wrecked

In order to make the game manageable for AI bots, the game was tweaked a bit. The bots completely overpowered Team Human in the first game, with the players unable to destroy any of the of the bots' towers before the end of the match. Well, the AI platform developed by OpenAI would like to have a word, humans. In the third game, human players secured a win.

In the three-game series, OpenAI Five bots won the first two games and in the final game, lost it to the human players, as the audience selected their team of five against the AI team.

Previous year a single OpenAI Dota 2 bot made a surprise appearance at Valve's International Dota 2 tournament held in Seattle and had a decisive victory playing against Danylo "Dendi" Ishutin, who having been beaten in the first two rounds declined to play the third. This resulted in OpenAI Five predicting a lower chance of winning of the match - just 2.9 percent, in fact. We know that this is a machine that is tasked with being incredible at Dota 2 but you really need to see just how good it is to understand why my jaw is permanently on the floor. The team of former professional players and commentators was said to have ranked in the 99.95th percentile in the world.

Miraculously in game three the humans did manage to win, but it was a grind to pull off and they were already left demoralized by their crushing defeat. After all, the victory of the non-profit AI research company's bot collective over humans in a strategic MMORPG is just one of many instances of computational technology growing smarter by the day. OpenAI admitted however, that 1v1 matches have many less variables involved, making it easier for an AI to learn and master.

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Now, the next step is to beat professional and best in the league Dota 2 players at the Valve's The International 8, which is scheduled for later this month.

The tournament was a best of three but clearly designed for fun more than objective.

OpenAI's initiatives with Dota 2 began in March past year.

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