Kardashian relationship with boyfriend Bendjima crashes

Kardashian relationship with boyfriend Bendjima crashes

The gossip site claims Bendjima went on another trip shortly after, where he cheated on Kardashian.

On his Instagram story he wrote, "Once again, you guys failed".

According to E! News' source, Kardashian had thought that she and Bendjima might be able to reconcile and "were working on things", but, after Bendjima was photographed getting close with model and social media star Jordan Ozuna in Mexico, Kardashian determined that "things are definitely over". When photos of Ozuna and Bendjima poolside made the rounds, Kardashian brushed it off, saying that it was merely a ploy for her ex to stay in the headlines. "No, we aren't romantically involved in any way, shape or form". "Fuck your Hollywood bullshit, can't have fun with your friends no more".

In a post of his own, Bendjima seemed to slam the Kardashian sisters.

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But Kourtney's younger sisters weren't buying Bendjima's words. It was odd then, but knowing that the two were already on the outs gives followers a little more clarity to the sentiment behind the remark.

If Younes Bendjima thought he could just dump a Kardashian and waltz away without a scratch, he was wrong.

Sources tell the outlet that Disick is extremely happy in his now relationship with model Sofia Richie, 19, and doesn't want his name dragged into the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's current issues.

"Scott will always love and be there for Kourtney and is just happy that they are on good terms for the sake of their kids". She reportedly told her boyfriend that she wants to build a life with him, but if he has any yearning to get back together with Kourtney he needs to get out of her life now. There's no telling how the close-knit family feels, but it's probably safe to assume that Kris is working overtime to triage the situation.

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