Hurricane Hector is headed toward Hawaii, where a volcano is erupting

Hurricane Hector is headed toward Hawaii, where a volcano is erupting

Tom Travis, Hawaii's emergency management administrator, said: "Hector is our first hurricane this year".

Forecasters note that hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 35 miles from the center, and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 90 miles.

Forecast models have Hector passing to the south of the Hawaiian islands between Wednesday and Thursday, according to KHON.

According to the National Hurricane Center, "small but powerful" Hector continues to churn away in the eastern Pacific as a Category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour. "After that, gradual weakening is forecast Monday night through Wednesday". On the forecast track, Hector will cross into the central Pacific basin tonight. It's not known yet if the island will be impacted.

An erupting Hawaii volcano is causing fewer earthquakes, and there's less lava coming out of an eruption site in a neighbourhood just as the Big Island braces for an approaching hurricane.

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Deanna Marks, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service's Hilo office, told emergency workers this morning at Civil Defense headquarters in Hilo that there is a 33 percent chance Hector will bring tropical storm force winds of between 39 and 73 miles per hour to South Point.

Civil Defense will keep the community informed through regular updates.

So far, Kilauea's eruption has been ongoing for 93 days straight and more than two dozen volcanic fissures have opened up.

"Interests in the Hawaiian Islands should monitor the progress of Hector", the NHC said.

While the latest eruptions started in May, the volcano has spewed lava since the 1980s, becoming a major tourist destination even as it threatened nearby residents. "It is still too soon to tell what effects this hurricane will have (if any) on the Hawaii islands". At least 700 homes have been destroyed, authorities estimate, and thousands of people have been displaced.

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