Plane in Mexico Crashes in Shifting Winds, 18 People Injured

Plane in Mexico Crashes in Shifting Winds, 18 People Injured

Of those injured during the crash, 49 were transported to the hospital. And video from inside the plane captures the moments that followed.

The first thing Alberto Herrera did after surviving a flaming plane crash in northern Mexico on Tuesday was go back to his hotel to have a nice, stiff drink.

Investigators including USA officials began sifting through the wreckage of an Aeromexico-operated passenger jet on Wednesday (Aug 1) for clues to what caused it to crash in Mexico's state of Durango, the head of the country's civil aviation agency said.

The plane was trying to take off during a storm.


A passenger plane crashes while taking off from an airport in Durango, Mexico.

Durango state Gov. Jose Aispuro said passengers reported a loud bang as the plane's left wing hit the ground and the engines tore loose.

"It fell where the tarmac ended and that is what caused the fire, as well as serious damage to the plane", Aispuro said to Mexican broadcaster Televisa.

"We deeply regret this accident and the families of all those affected are in our thoughts, " They said in a statement. The other was the plane's pilot, who needed an operation on his spine but is reportedly in a stable condition. And only 2 of 302 passengers from an Asiana 777 died when the plane crashed on landing in San Francisco.

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Durango Governor José R. Aispuro said there were no deaths.

It is believed that a strong wind brought down the flight leaving the plane crumpled in a field with smoke billowing out as passengers run from the scene.

The Guadalupe Victoria airport has been closed since the plane went down near the runway during an afternoon storm. "The most seriously injured is the pilot...[but] the majority of passengers left under their own power".

The mid-sized jet was nearly full, with 97 passengers and four crew members aboard, when it came down at around 4 p.m. local time (2100 GMT), Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, Mexico's minister for communications and transportation, wrote on Twitter.

An internet site on the aviation industry says the Embraer 190 airliner that crashed Tuesday in northern Mexico was about a decade old.

Under global rules, Mexico will lead the investigation with support from Brazil, where the Embraer jet was designed and built, and from the United States, where General Electric Co made the CF34-10E engines.

The Mexican airline said on Twitter that flight number 2431 was an Embraer 190 with capacity for 100 passengers and was bound for Mexico City when it crashed.

Conesa thanked the crew "for their professionalism" and said that the aircraft "was perfectly maintained", but did not provide details on the circumstances of the accident.

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