Coles Backflips On Plastic Bag Ban, Again

Coles Backflips On Plastic Bag Ban, Again

This morning, Coles CEO John Durkan emailed 115,000 staff letting them know that they won't be giving out free plastic bags forever.

That handout will now end on August 29.

"I appreciate this transition phase is taking longer than anticipated but it is absolutely the right thing to do by our customers", Durkan wrote.

"As you would have experienced first-hand in stores, this has been a big and hard change for many of our customers".

The company's complimentary bag offer will run until Wednesday, August 29, for customers in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and WA.

Coles offered them through July and then yesterday announced an "indefinite" extension to the giveaway, which in turn sparked an additional backlash from recycling advocates who said the lack of value in the bags would effectively turn them into single use.

Initially, Coles set an August 1 cut-off date for handing out the free plastic bags.

But Environmental groups have reacted with horror.

While customers had been growing more and more accustomed to bringing reusable bags, many were still finding themselves one or two short at the register.

Coles and rival Woolworths both recently banned single-use plastic bags and began selling reusable bags instead.

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"That's why we continue to reward consumers who do not forget to bring their own bags", said the Woolworths spokesperson.

It said the decision would only be bad for the environment - a fear echoed by many on social media.

"So it's up to all of us to keep the pressure on and tell them we want to stick to their commitment to reduce plastic", she said.

Greenpeace have criticised the decision as irresponsible and disappointing, saying that Coles is perpetuating the problem of plastic waste by providing free bags.

"Removing the price means that these reusable bags are far more likely to be used once and discarded", Black said.

"And please don't get me started on the wasteful plastic mini-Coles supermarket toys, while they promote their anti-plastic message".

Coles is extending its offer free reusable plastic bags as customers still come to grips with the ban on single use bags.

Also whilst we're here, can we talk about how stupid and useless that new Coles "mini-collectables" campaign is. We also call on the Board of Coles to reconsider this decision for the sake of our planet.

Environmental groups have slammed the move as "weak".

"These so-called reusable plastic bags are nearly as thin as the banned lightweight ones, " he said.

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