'Earth Overshoot Day': How Humanity Is Living On Borrowed Time

'Earth Overshoot Day': How Humanity Is Living On Borrowed Time

To demonstrate how this can be done and to promote new approaches to sustainable business thinking, the company has partnered with Global Footprint Network, the worldwide research organization that is changing how the world manages its natural resources and responds to climate change. Its objective is to highlight the impact of humanity on Earth. More severe droughts and hurricanes are occurring as well, since the overshoot involves rising carbon concentrations in the atmosphere, which contribute to climate change.

"Schneider Electric's business case is aligned with moving humanity out of ecological overshoot", said Global Footprint Network CEO Mathis Wackernagel. On the other side of the world, Cape Town residents had to slash water consumption by half since 2015. While he says that the rate of our resource consumption continues to slow down, it's still increasing year after year (last year, Earth Overshoot Day fell on August 2).

"Our economies are running a Ponzi scheme with our planet".

"These are consequences of busting the ecological budget of our one and only planet".

When calculating Earth Overshoot Day, the nonprofit Global Footprint Network considers how much food and other natural resources can grow in a year as well as how much carbon Earth can sequester.

This year's Earth Overshoot Day falls on August 1, the earliest it has ever been.

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Sourcing local food and avoiding highly processed foods is one thing individuals can do to lower their Ecological Footprint.

Despite the grim situation, there are least some potential strong remedies being offered, such as cutting food waste in half, potentially moving the date forward again by 38 days.

Some people might also choose to donate to the campaign.

Phosphorus, which is vital to the growth of plants, is also on the decline. Notable declines were seen in Singapore, the Bahamas, Denmark, United States (US), United Kingdom (UK) and France. The United Nations predicts that by 2025, 1.8 billion people will live in countries with total water scarcity.

This is the earliest date on which Earth Overshoot Day has fallen since the 1970s.

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