Threatened by coalition partner, Merkel seeks to break migration deadlock

Threatened by coalition partner, Merkel seeks to break migration deadlock

"They risk the lives of the migrants on the dinghy, refuse to listen to Italian and Libyan authorities and intervene so they can load this valuable cargo of humans - of human flesh - on board", Salvini said.

Malta also refused to allow the rescue ship into its port and after much delay, the Aquarius eventually docked in Valencia, Spain. The Italian Coast Guard ship Diciotti arrived at the Sicilian port of Pozzallo overnight with 519 migrants on board, relief workers said.

The Libyan navy said five people died and almost 200 were rescued off its coast while trying to cross the Mediterranean.

Mission Lifeline said Friday that it still has not been assigned a port, despite its requests.

The ship, operated by German NGO Mission Lifeline and sailing under a Dutch flag, is carrying 239 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya.

The container ship Alexander Maersk picked up 113 migrants from a boat off southern Italy on Friday, the ship owner said.

The French president said Paris and Berlin agreed that European Union countries must be able to turn back at their borders all asylum seekers who previously registered in another member country, usually their Mediterranean first port of call. Their proclamations were met with rumours that members of the Italian, German and French governments discussed on June 15 and June 18 proposals about the possible creation of refugee detention camps in North Africa.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday said European countries shared concerns over Iran's ballistic missile programme and called for solutions to its "aggressive tendencies" in the Middle East.

Can GOP fix immigration amid border crisis — WHAT'S HAPPENING
Meanwhile, the mayors of about 20 US cities gathered at a holding facility for immigrant children in the border city of El Paso. The conservative measure was defeated 231-193, with 41 Republicans - mostly moderates - joining Democrats in voting against it.

The group also tweeted that it had carried out another rescue overnight, though details of how many migrants were accepted- and by which ship - have yet to be released.

Data from the German interior ministry does indicate that the proportion of crimes committed by foreigners has gone up in the past five years, but this can not be attributed specifically to migrant arrivals.

"We can not have countries that benefit hugely from European Union solidarity and claim national self-interest when it comes to the issue of migrants", Macron said.

Bavaria's Christian Social Union (CSU) on Monday gave Merkel two weeks to get a deal with European allies after Germany's coalition government nearly cracked apart as Merkel's Christian Democrats and their sister party rowed over immigration.

However, her political capital is being eroded by a row with her Bavarian allies, who have given the chancellor two weeks to find a European solution to their immigration dispute.

"I am on the side of those, and this is fortunately the majority in Germany, who say we need to be an open country", she said, adding that "of course we need to regulate this".

Jordanian News Agency (Petra) said that two leaders had focused on strategic partnership, regional and worldwide developments and efforts to promote the peace process.

"What it's about on Sunday is talking with particularly affected nations about all problems connected with migration - primary migration as well as secondary migration - and, following on from Sunday, seeing whether we can reach, bi-, tri- or even multinational agreements to better solve certain problems", she said.

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