Sarah Huckabee Sanders Denies Report She’s Quitting White House Job

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Denies Report She’s Quitting White House Job

Sanders is telling friends she will leave her post by year's end while her deputy, Raj Shah, has not yet determined when he will be leaving, CBS News reported, citing White House sources.

Sanders was at her daughter's school event when the CBS report came out. Whether Trump says "you're fired" or a staffer finally gets fed up and quits, the administration has been unable to keep positions filled, if they've filled them at all.

"Because it's the law", Sanders said before again blaming the Trump administration policy on Democrats.

Watch the explosive exchange above. "I do think they're going to have a harder time getting the second wave of people in than the first, because those people were loyalists, and [new] folks will have to be recruited and encouraged and then survive the vetting process".

MPs reject House of Lords EU Withdrawal Bill amendments
The vote revealed significant Leave and Remain divisions on the Labour benches, with the party splitting three ways on the issue. The battle over customs is far from over. "The vote rejecting the Lords' amendment does not dispose of the issue".

CNN's Jim Acosta asked Sanders about the morality of removing children brought illegally to the United States from their mother's care, prompting Sanders to declare it "very biblical to enforce the law".

"Can you imagine the horror these kids must be going through when they come across the border?" You're a parent of young children.

"I know you want to get more TV time", Sanders replied. Not only that, but another major worry is that people are no longer willing to go to work from such a chaotic administration at the White House with such little job security. And each and every day, I'll pray for clarity and discernment on what my future looks like.

A job, that is, whose contours apparently include questioning the motives of a reporter who presses a government official about a matter of core human concern.

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