MPs reject House of Lords EU Withdrawal Bill amendments

MPs reject House of Lords EU Withdrawal Bill amendments

Now we have arrived at the final battle between the two chambers and the government.

The battle over customs is far from over.

"The vote rejecting the Lords' amendment does not dispose of the issue".

The prime minister doesn't have a Commons majority, and there are pro-EU rebels in her party who could side with Labour lawmakers to try to keep the amendments in place.

British Prime Minister Theresa May survived another key Brexit vote on Wednesday (Jun 14) but her pro-European MPs warned they could yet rebel if she backtracks on promises to give parliament a greater say in the final withdrawal deal.

The third part was more hard, but from the conversation there was a way forward.

Details of precisely what this will involve could emerge in the coming days when the EU Withdrawal bill is due to return to the House of Lords.

The vote revealed significant Leave and Remain divisions on the Labour benches, with the party splitting three ways on the issue.

But according to Reuters, a source said a deal had been reached and the government would give Parliament a vote if ministers can not agree on a deal by mid-February.

By 324 votes to 298, MPs on Tuesday rejected an amendment by the House of Lords that would have guaranteed lawmakers a meaningful vote on a Brexit deal.

However, May made a last minute offer to enter talks about accepting the bulk of an alternative rebel amendment which would give MPs more limited powers to prevent Britain from crashing out of the European Union without a deal.

Dominic Grieve, the former attorney general who led the rebellion, claimed he had killed off the prospect of a "no deal" Brexit and suggested it was Dr Lee's resignation that triggered the climbdown, but the government said no such concession had been made.

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Some Conservative MPs are sceptical about the need for the Grieve amendment, however. That vote was not about actually remaining in the customs union, but only about keeping Parliament in the loop.

The bill repeals the 1972 laws that made Britain a member of the European community, and also copies and pastes EU laws into British statute books to smooth out regulatory transitions.

This amendment had looked risky for the prime minister.

But after the prime minister personally assured a group of around 15 rebels that Mr Grieve's amendment would be partially adopted into the Bill before it went back to the Lords the rebels backed down.

That said, while the government may have won the battle on customs, the war is still to come.

A House of Commons showdown on customs between Tory Remainers and Brexiteers is now expected when a separate customs and trade bill is debated by MPs.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. If it had been passed it would have obliged the government to prioritise staying in the European Economic Area, known as the Norway option.

Following a meeting with Theresa May, Tory MPs said they had been promised "input" into what the government would do if the United Kingdom faced a no-deal scenario.

On Tuesday the battle for control came to a head, as lawmakers geared up to vote on whether to provide a "meaningful vote" to Parliament, something that could pave the way for a second referendum. She was joined by Ged Killen, Ellie Reeves, Tonia Antoniazzi, Anna McMorrin and Rosie Duffield, who all resigned from their roles as Parliamentary Private Secretaries.

An amendment introduced by Labour, which called for access to the single market but stopped short of EEA membership, was defeated by 82 votes, with no party rebels.

However, Labour MPs from Leave-voting seats - like Caroline Flint and Gareth Snell - have warned Corbyn that an EEA-style Brexit would not respect the wishes of Leave voters.

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