Justin Trudeau is right: Trump's tariffs on Canada are an insult

Justin Trudeau is right: Trump's tariffs on Canada are an insult

The Canadian Prime Minister's former policy adviser called Donald Trump a "pathetic little man-child" on over the weekend in response to the president's attacks on Justin Trudeau following the G7 summit. He has only publicly left his country three times since taking power after his father's death in late 2011 - traveling twice to China and once across his shared border with the South to the southern part of the Demilitarized Zone for recent summits with the leaders of China and South Korea, respectively.

He cited "a $800 Billion Trade Deficit" for the US, a number he's touted several times.

Perhaps some of the falling-out boils down to a misunderstanding of Canadian etiquette, said Bruce Heyman, the former US ambassador to Canada - "especially for somebody who's coming from the world that [Trump] is coming from, and has been so blunt and so confrontational in his conversations and approaches". The Trump administration doesn't like the WTO and didn't want it mentioned, the source said.

Prior to the president's comments, Trudeau said that all the G7 members were set to sign the communique. He vented his sentiments on Twitter just minutes after Trudeau's announcement with a scathing invective calling his host "very dishonest & weak". Trudeau's team defended his actions on Saturday by claiming that he had been completely consistent with Trump during the summit.

"He followed up by asking why the USA should "allow countries to continue to make "massive trade surpluses", asserting that it is "not fair to the people of America" and that the United States is suffering under a "$800 billion trade deficit".

In her own tweet, Green Party leader Elizabeth May says Trudeau is handling what she calls Trump's outbursts and bullying as well as anyone, and that all Canadian leaders need to support the prime minister.

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Meanwhile, Navarro, in an appearance on Fox News Sunday, said that Trudeau's comments are "one of the worst political miscalculations of a Canadian leader in modern Canadian history". Right after leaving the meet and Canada, Trump tweeted, "Justin acts hurt when called out!".

President Trump arrives at Paya Lebar Air Base for a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Sunday, June 10, in Singapore.

The two-day G7 summit that began on Friday, was held in La Malbaie, Quebec province.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a deal signed by Canada, Mexico, and the USA, creating a trilateral trade bloc in North America. "He did a great disservice to the whole (G-7)", White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow told CNN. And then Trudeau starts blasting him in a domestic news conference?

Kudlow said the US had spent the summit negotiating in "good faith" with Trudeau and the other assembled leaders, and that the USA had planned to sign the communique until Trudeau's news conference, which Kudlow called a "sophomoric play".

But on social media, people can't stop talking about the eyebrow issue.

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