Drake's 'I'm upset' video is basically one massive 'Degrassi' reunion

Drake's 'I'm upset' video is basically one massive 'Degrassi' reunion

Drake staged a "Degrassi" class of 2007 high school reunion with his former "classmates" recently.

The video opens with Drake waking up next to a lover midcourt at the Air Canada Centre and then quickly realizing it's the night of his high school reunion.

Here is everyone from the show that appeared in the music video, and if you're wondering why there's a picture of JT above, it's to honor his memory because even in this music video, he's still dead.

We love Hollywood, we just have a amusing way of showing it. "I woke up this morning and watched the music video and was like, 'What the hell is going on?'"

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For some reason, fictional stoners Jay and Silent Bob - aka director Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes - are there too, selling weed.

Lauren Collins, who played Queen Bee Paige Michalchuk, shared a super cute group pic.

Of the cast's interactions in the video, which quickly became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter after its release, Kippel said, "It could not have been more natural. Mama got a baby sitter tonight", Dobrev wrote. The song itself, The Story of Adidon, featured lyrical content that hinted that Drake had a secret love child with a porn star.

During the final moments of the video, Drake properly throws it back with side-by-side images of each cast mate's appearance in the show and their appearance in the music video. Fans of the teen soap have been waiting for this moment for close to a decade. By Thursday afternoon, it had more than 1 million views.

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