Wendy's, Whataburger pile on insults for IHOP's 'IHOb' name change

Wendy's, Whataburger pile on insults for IHOP's 'IHOb' name change

Earlier this week, IHOP took to Twitter to announce they're officially changing their name to IHOb.

Burger King is having some fun after IHOP changed its name to IHOB.

And it doesn't stop there.

"Obviously, IHOP-hob wanted to be known for something other than breakfast or the place you pull off the highway to go to the bathroom", he said.

Cheeseburger, who also runs Worldwide Wrestling Dojo in Pennsylvania, responded: "A nice breakfast at IHOP is nearly a national pastime at this point". To add to this, they will also add a bunch of new burgers to their menu to help beef up that reputation.

IHOP becomes IHOb: International House of Burgers
IHOP's specialty is pancakes, we value IHOP as a place to get pancakes, and we shouldn't forget that IHOP is a place for pancakes. Everyone's default theory was that the "B" didn't stand for a particular dish at all, but instead to " Breakfast ".

Although there were multiple guesses to what the "B" stood for - and although there's already an IHOB, it just happens to be in India - the most common guess was that the "b" stood for "breakfast". The company even dropped another bomb, relating IHOB's name change to the kind of thing a child might do to equate him or herself to some sort of superhero. For a limited time, the burgers are available at IHOP locations with unlimited fries and a drink starting at $6.99.

Texas-based Whataburger was one of the first companies to chime in on the name change. Pressed for details, the company would not give an end date for IHOb but referred to the "tongue-in-cheek name change" and said it was tied to the summer burger promotion. "Burgers are the most consumed entree item for men, women and children in America", he said. And just this month, KFC announced plans to sell a vegetarian equivalent of its chicken to attract a new base. "But we want to convey that we are taking our burgers as seriously as our pancakes".

"There are many other brands that are owning the burger space, ' said Allen Adamson, a co-founder of marketing strategy firm Metaforce".

IHOP's line of burgers, in comparison, is pretty standard fare.

While restaurants like IHOP are able to get customers through the door in the wee morning hours, keeping them coming after 11 a.m. has been a struggle.

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