Trump trade adviser: Harsh comments against Trudeau were a ‘mistake’

Trump trade adviser: Harsh comments against Trudeau were a ‘mistake’

For instance, Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs are expected to cause a drag on U.S. economic growth and result in a net loss of American jobs. Navarro admitted that his comments were a "mistake".

So US allies were much surprised when Trump suddenly began attacking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for comments at a news conference and rescinded his support of the joint statement by the G7.

While Navarro backed down from his attack, Trump did not, continuing on Tuesday to accuse Trudeau of acting in bad faith and trying to take advantage of the United States.

"At this moment in our history with our US neighbours, Canadians need to know that all sides of this House stand united as one", Ramsey said before introducing her motion.

Over on CNN, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow repeated that Trudeau "stabbed us in the back" and insisted he apologize for his "betrayal". "Kim must not see American weakness".

President Donald Trump reprised his criticism of Canada's prime minister Tuesday, threatening that Justin Trudeau's tough exchanges with him over trade policy would "cost a lot of money for the people of Canada".

Navarro condemned Trudeau following the Canadian leader's news conference after his summit meeting with Trump and other world leaders from the Group of Seven. It came from an older, more familiar problem: The U.S. President didn't grasp or care that there's politics in Canada, too. Same goes for auto imports from Canada, another product on which Trump is threatening tariffs.

But the House of Commons wasn't the only place Trudeau found support.

Trump had initially roiled the waters by saying Russian Federation - expelled from what had been the G-8 after its annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula - should have been allowed to participate.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh urged the federal government to get serious about drafting a rescue plan for steel and aluminum workers, who are going to feel the brunt of the initial impact of the dispute - and soon.

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"Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade if it is not Reciprocal".

Mr Trump also responded by announcing that he was backing out of a joint communiqué on trade between the United States and its main allies. He said the Trump administration's use of a national security provision to impose the tariffs was "kind of insulting", given that Canadians have fought side by side with Americans in foreign lands.

Members of Parliament gave unanimous consent for a motion backing Canadian steel and aluminium, hit by United States tariffs, as well as the supply management system that supports key agriculture sectors, and gave a standing ovation for the government response to the Trump administration's verbal attacks on Trudeau. But it is something that we absolutely will do.

It escalated when Prime Minister Trudeau stood up to Trump's bully tactics and refuted Trump's unfounded claims of unfair trading practices between the two countries.

Those were fighting words for Trump. And every Canadian PM knows USA presidents have enormous power to affect Canadians' lives, even accidentally. He didn't specify what he considered false about Trudeau's statements. "I have a good relationship with Justin Trudeau", he said.

His tweets carried a tone of personal contempt.

Francis agreed that "the trade deficit thing is nonsense, because we get the benefit of that", but made an appeal for bringing all tariffs down. Trump tweeted on Saturday.

Trump says he watched that news conference on his way to Singapore, and was upset because he thought he and Trudeau had had a positive meeting in Charlevoix.

That means Canadian stores shelves look a lot like United States shelves, and Canadians drink Starbucks while wearing Nikes, talking on their iPhones and munching Doritos. Trump wrote in another post on Twitter.

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