Raccoon scales St. Paul office tower, captivating public

Raccoon scales St. Paul office tower, captivating public

Onlookers and reporters tracked the critter's progress at it climbed the UBS Tower yesterday, interrupting work and causing anxiety for some.

By the afternoon, it had stopped on a ledge more than 20 storeys high.

Laurie Brickley, St. Paul Department of Safety and Inspection spokesperson confirmed traps are on the roof, ready for the raccoon.

A raccoon stretches itself on the 23rd floor of a tower in Minnesota, US.

It was dubbed the #MPRraccoon because Minnesota Public Radio, whose offices are in a nearby building, documented the animal's long, odd trip.

A raccoon ended up in a most precarious place near the top of the UBS building.

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A raccoon scaling the side of a skyscraper Tuesday has people all across the country watching its every move with bated breath.

"We've been told that the building has live traps on the roof and are trying to get him to go up there", Paige Donnelly Law wrote.

Meanwhile, someone who also is decidedly not the raccoon started a rival Twitter account.

There's a raccoon across the street that has scaled 22 floors since about 9:30 this morning, that's when he was first spotted.

As night descended on St. Paul, the raccoon appeared to start climbing down, before reversing course.

The raccoon has gained a social media following around the country, as people hope the little creature makes it to the top of the building.

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