Covington Wins Interim Title With Decision Over RDA

Covington Wins Interim Title With Decision Over RDA

Dos Anjos is a former 155-pound champion, attempting to become just the fifth athlete in UFC history to win titles in multiple weight classes. He was on a roll, more importantly to the UFC promotional machine, he was willing to say anything to get noticed. "There is a time and place for all of those people, and Colby Covington has made himself out to be a villain-and he's a great villain at that". Dos Anjos barely catches Covington with a knee strike before getting taken down, Dos Anjos gets up and separates from Covington.

Covington continued his smothering approach in the third, refusing to give dos Anjos an inch of breathing space and exhausting the Rio de Janeiro native. Covington's pace looked to have slowed since the opening barrage.

It was clear from the start, Covington had no respect for Maia's punching power. He stayed on dos Anjos every second of the round.

Aware that he was down on the scorecards, dos Anjos started the fourth round with a renewed sense of goal, landing a big left hand before taking Covington down. The Brazilian worked to his feet, and the two traded punches as the round came to an end.

But it has been Covington's unrelenting social media onslaught and incendiary post-fight performances that have ratcheted up the anticipation surrounding this fight.

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While he's fully aware of Covington's various comments, the surging former lightweight champion is far more focused on what his opponent brings to the cage and exploiting some of the advantages he carries with him into this contest.

The two broke away, and Covington landed some middle and high kicks. Covington kept walking dos Anjos down into the fence and clinch, right to the bell.

RDA went down and tried for a Kimura, but couldn't get anything. He took Covington down easily. The tables had turned. I'm ready. I've been starting to go 100 percent on a lot of things.

"He just started doing steroids and always freaking had roid rage", Covington said on the The Jim & Sam Show. I don't want to sit back and say, 'Oh, I want to sit and wait to see what happens with this fight.' I'm the champion. Again, dos Anjos took him down, though. Dos Anjos rocks a swinging Covington with a counter left hook, Covington gets Dos Anjos against the cage wall while looking for a takedown. Covington, however, proved he could hang with the best, and should be in line for a shot to unify the titles against Woodley in the coming months.

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